The Relativity House of Cards

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    1. All Sagnac observations mathematically equate to the speed of the observer relative to the background gravitational field - All interferometers, fibre optic gyroscopes, NASA Lunar laser range tests, the GPS signal transmission time adjustments --- literally ALL Sagnac observations!
    1. EM radiations velocity/wavelength frequency mix must be configured such that the velocity component is aligned with the gravitational field through which it is transmitting
    And that
    1. Perfectly explains why EM radiations velocity is known to be detached from the relative velocity of its source, BUT its frequency energy value is connected to that source relative velocity
    Which means that
    1. The "invariance of light", as defined by the assumption upon which the concept of time dilation is derived and 100% depends, is invalidated.
    1. The assumption that gravity also causes time dilation because gravity appears to slow down the assumed invariant speed of light is an error of circularity. The gravity slowing light down observation is in fact confirmation that gravity acts as a medium of transmission and light is NOT invariant.
    1. The fundamental concepts of time dilation and curved space time are invalidated. They are not available as explanations for any universal observations and all observations currently understood to be of time dilation must be observations of other physical processes.
    And this is confirmed by
    1. All other observations (as in not of light invariance)  currently understood to be of time dilation are in fact a mix of the following four physical cause and effect processes. The maths is the same, it is all about what we are actually accounting for.
    • a. Atomic frequency of transition changes caused by atomic dipole moments induced by a mix of
    • being held stationary against a back ground gravitational field and/or motional accelerations.
    • b. EM radiation frequency being accelerated by the change in gravitational potential across the signals path of transmission
    • c. EM radiation velocity being reduced by the effective refractive index of the background gravitational fields intensity.
    • d. Subatomic particle life being extended by the energy transfers at the colliding (accelerating) event that created that particle. The velocity/life span correlation is not causational.
    How this error, too big to contemplate, evolved
    1. Einstein's moments of actual genius are not proof of everything else he came up with
    2. Confusion about what we are actually accounting for. The GPS systems apparent observation of the two time dilation factors is an unfortunate, but not incredible, mathematical coincidence.
    3. The systematic error that only confirmatory test results are put into peer review and possible publication
    4. The corruption that naturally evolves from such systematic errors
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