Kit of parts for sailors tops


A kit of hand heating parts to fix onto your neoprene sailing top and feed through your wind/spray proof top layer.

You can test that the system works first then alter your tops to get full system comfort. Your can return the kit to us with in 6 weeks for any reason in any condition and get a full refund.

See our instruction video. It is easy, you can do it. From then on enjoy warm hands wearing your summer sailing gloves all year long.

3 to 5 day postage to all our sales regions fixed at £10. Total to pay at check out £49.



List of parts

1 Pair of tubes

4 Rubber moldings to glue onto your neoprene top to feed the tubes comfortably in and out at the neck and wrist seals. The system only works if the tubes run along the inside the neoprene layer. Simply running the tubes outside of the neoprene layer and under the spray top does not work, the breath comes out the tubes cold.

1 Tube of McNett Black Witch contact adhesive. Easy to use, put on both surfaces, let go touch dry, then push together. Very strong, it works and will last as long as your top does

1 Mouth piece. It is a squeeze tight, push on, pull off fit onto the tubes

2 Rubber tube feeders to feed the tubes into your gloves at the wrists so that the breath pushes down to all finger ends before exiting the glove

Some reinforcement nylon elasticated tape for the exit holes to go through the windproof top layer

2 Velcro wrist straps just in case your summer sailors gloves are too short at the wrist to wrap over the tube feeder

2 pairs of thin nitrile surgical gloves to wear under your summer sailing gloves to fully circulate the breath. Just to get you started until you buy your own box.

4 plugs to close the holes in the neoprene top if you detach the hand heating tubes in the hand neutral months of spring and autumn.

Try before altering

So you can not believe this is the total solution AND the tubes are comfortable!!!! Well we understand that, BUT fortunately it really is. So here is what to do – With your kit of parts you can check that these tubes- not feel uncomfortable  2. solve the cold hand problem 3. enable you to wear summer gloves through the winter, WITHOUT actually altering your sailing tops. Watch this video to see how.

However after you have checked that this systems claims are all true you will want to make the alteration to your sailing tops to get the additional benefits of 1.the extra comfort 2., water tight tube entry exit, and 3. tube setting fine tuning.

Video fitting instruction

We can not be responsible for any damage to your sailing clothing caused by you making these alterations. However this video will show you how easy it is to alter your tops so that they also keep your hands warm. If you have any questions email If you are still not sure then  we can alter your tops for you, see our alteration service option on our store page.

Glove set up video

Comfortable Tubes