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Mathias from Denmark

Mathias has been pushing the limits of the breath hand heating development since its launch in 2013. He sails about 4 times a week even if it is minus 10°C and he has a 10 minute walk across ice to get to open sea water.

The top picture is of him in Dec 2016 in  his new Prolimit suit with black hand heating tubes.  He reported “Overall, i am super happy with the suit, it is super warm, and super easy to move around in:). First time locking the suit, i found the tubes a bit of a locking feeling. opened suit and pushed a bit more tube in the arms, so it curved a bit down the upper-arm, and it was perfect:). Some water came in when swimming, but it was okay. i found out pretty fast how to lay in the so minimum water came in:)”  (The Prolimit suits have a firewall layer instead of a full dry zip)

For wave sailing he is able to use the clear grip hand covers down to about 0°C, below that he feeds his heating tubes into a more enclosed mitten. For freestyle he has to switch over to an enclosed mitten from below about 5°C because there is no time to blow the boom warm under the hands grip which is constantly moving.

His first smooth skin Ianovated suit lasted 2 full winters, when we noticed him order a replacement suit in Oct 2014 we asked him what had happened to his first suit. His email reply read –“I think that it is only 2 years cause i am surfing alot. Average 4 days A week for 4-6 hours each. And when during both freestyle and wave the suit is strechted more and taking alot of hard hits. i am very happy with how long my suit lasted most other wintersuit i have owned only last 1year and then they are only good as spring/fall suits:)

We came across this forum thread and worked out it was Mathias that had kindly started it.!- Some other customers have also commented on the suit. On these forms you will see that although those that have not got the suits are sceptical all the actual users confirm the suit does what it claims to.

Mathias – Thank you so much for your contribution to this development.

Sören from the Netherlands

Sören is the first customer to buy a Prolimit suit with a front zip and our tubes attached. His first test of the system was in January 2017 in 4°C air temperature. He kindly sent us some Gopro video of that first session of him looping and riding some great waves in the suit which we used to update our main video for this evolution of integrating our tubes with different designed suits. As a wave sailor he is able to use the clear grip hand covers and blow the boom under his grip warm as well as his hands.

He reported that- YouTube Video

He is able to get into the suit and alter the tubes so they run along the correct comfortable path by himself. In the correct position the tubes do not resit and body movement.

On this design the tubes are between the body and the firewall so we had expected him to want to wear a rash vest but he insists the tubes being against his skin is not a problem at all as long as he has them in the neutral comfortable position such that they do not resist and body motions.

Having previously used closed mittens in these temperatures he noted that the clear grip of the hand covers had the downside of being no use at all when in the water. However he was amazed that the water which creeps inside the tubes blows out onto the hands feeling warm when you get back up and surfing. Just when the hands need a bit of a boost of warmth after a fall in they get it in the form of some heated up water exiting the tubes.

Melina, Mathias and Nicolai from Denmark.

13 Jan 2017 update

They switched to using the Ianovated hand heating system mounted onto Prolimit wetsuits at the start of this winter. They are now sailing several times per week and typical air temperatures are down to around 0°C. As they are all freestyle sailors they are using their hand heating tubes with closed DaKine mittens because they move about the boom too much to blow it warm under their grip. They have not yet started to wear any base layers under their suits.

Mathias emailed me some action pictures and reported:

It is still not super cold in Denmark, we have around 0 degrees every day:) the wind anyway has been howling the last couple of days, with around 60knts gust, we has super much fun on water:) It was hailing and snowing a lot also:) My face was getting cold, but my hands was no problem at all, and my body either:) it got a bit chilly on my upper arms after 4 hours on and in the water:) anyway no problem with the temperature in the new suit yet at all!

But my sister was getting a bit cold on her arms after around 2 hours on the water. the last few times we had been out she stops surfing caused by her arms getting a bit to cold, after average 3 hours:) this has only been a problem the days with around 0 degrees and high winds. that said she is not to good with getting chilly, and she is super happy with her suit:) Also knowing she is not holding back practicing new moves, and therefore has a lot of time in the water:) 

Nicolai is super happy with his suit, not getting cold at all, only in his face:)

David Charlton, Boston USA

The clear grip hand covers were only distributed in October 2014. David was one of the first customers to report back on his suit when being used with the hand covers. In an email he reported

Hands get hit with cold water, you can easily warm them up all through the waterstart process and get them to a good place.   A few other points with the hand-warming system;

EASY: the gloves and tubes are easy to work, easy to use and do not restrict my movement or activities.  The open palm mitts give me tremendous range and do not inhibit my jybing or sail handling

EFFECTIVE: the hand warming system works!  It really, really works!  Before this system, I was the first person in my car warming up after the first run, now, I watch others warming up on the beach doing the hand windmill dance.  Not me!  I get to spend my time on the water rather than wasting time acclimating getting back to my car or doing the windmill dance on the beach.

VERSATILE: Windsurfing or SUPing, this works great and does NOT restrict my range of use.  I easily swam 30 Yards for my SUP after it became unleashed without any problems or restrictions of movement.

Thanks again for making winter sailing more than just about survival!   -  YouTube Video

Melina from Denmark

A very cleaver freestyle sailor, Melina has been using the Ianovated hand heating system for the last three winters. In 2016 she swapped over to a Prolimit suit. Comparing her new Prolimit suit to her old Ianovated dry zip suit she repoted ”

“When it comes to comfort the new suit is way ahead of the drysuit. It is way easier to place the tubes correct, and make them stay like this. And it can easily be done alone. But the biggest advantage is how easy it is to move and flex your body on the water, while doing freestyle. It is easier to move compared to the drysuit, but also alternative winter suits I have  tried earlier (6/5 and 7/5 mm suit)”

For Melina having a normal vertical zip and firewall in stead of having a horizontal dry zip delivers the extra free movement which is worth the bit of water flushing into the suit along the zip and back neck seal. A 1 or 2mm neoprene baselayer will take the sting out of the flushing when things are below 0°C.

Igor Kopeikin – Kite Surfer USA. minus 7°C!!!!
His email to Ianovated after his first sail in the suit on 10th Feb 2013 read  – It works great!  With temp around 20F it was still  warm!  My record with BAR is 23F. Your system works! First time I was in 2 mm gloves in such a cold condition and had no problem. Thanks Iain!

Gemma Gibson – Gibson Sails - Dinghy Sailor, Kent UK
I suffer from the hand circulation problem Reynaud’s or “white finger” and so I used to have to take a pill before venturing onto the water. With the Ianovated suit that has all changed, I no longer need the pills  and I can keep my hands comfortable all race by occasionally exhaling down the mouth piece.

Benjamin Zimmermann – Windsurfer – Germany. 4°C
Using google translate for his forum posting –  On Wednesday I was out there for about 4 hours, on Thursday just third That was me at the temperatures previously not possible, no matter what gloves. It is an absolutely brilliant system, there is virtually no reason at temperatures not to go on the water (as long as it is not just completely frozen …) 

Peter Wagner. Windsurfer “Point-7 Team-Bavaria” Germany 6°C. Email 4th Jan 2013 read
WOW! I’m amazed, that suit is just great!! I first tested it, I was surfing 2 hrs without a pause. The Heating system really works, at first when the hands were nearly frozen I had to blow around 8 times to get them warm. But when the Hands were warm it was enough to just blow around 3 times every 5 minutes to keep them very comfortable. Air was 6-7°C, Water 4°C. I wasn’t even afraid to fall in, normally I do tacks if it’s that cold but today I tried powerjibes because it didn’t matter if I fell in the Water or not. After falling in the water I just blew in the system 3 times and the hands were really warm again. He posted on 4th Jan User name DerPeter here

Peter Richterich, Windsurfer Cape Cod USA. Blog 25 Dec 12 4°C
I think this would be my favorite suit amongst the three suits I own, because it is very warm and easy to swim in. With the tubing, which works wonderfully to keep my hands warm, the Ianovated wetsuit is simple a stroke of genius. Nina Schweikardt Cape Code 2°C Plus a sail on new years day with snow on the beach –

Ian Barrett – Windsurfer, south coast.
What I like about this video is it shows the system in actual use, the majority of the time the mouth piece lives on your chest not needed. Ian’s covering email to this video submission read as follows, 29th Nov 12 –I definitely did get to test the heating system, it was so good but for reasons I didn’t expect. I sailed off Hayling Island seafront, from the sandbar in a northerly on Tuesday, around 20 knots wind and 7-8 degrees air temp according to I was out for a couple of hours when the other 2 windsurfers headed back in so I headed in too (not clever being out in a northerly with fading light on your own!) The other 2 had quit due to cold, I genuinely hadn’t felt it. It was the not realising how cold it was that surprised me, the others were really struggling and I felt I could carry on.”

Chris Bull – The UK’s Kitesurf Pioneer and Guru. – Hayling Island
He first tested the nylon lined suit on Friday 7th Dec 12, a day time high of 4 to 5°c. His email report back read.   Yes I got out with it yesterday, in some pretty strong, cold North West wind. Enjoyed my session and was very comfortable and warm, my hands were not cold at all! I was wearing full length gloves. Would definitely like to try it some more and test it out in some really Baltic conditions. It does look a little clunky at first glance but I was pleasantly surprised about how well the system worked, it didn’t get in the way at all. Being warm is far more important than image!! His report is published by Kiteworld Magazine on their web site

Ianovated’s first lady – Fireball sailor Karen Hiles. Sun 25th Nov 12

Gary McConnell – Windsurfer – Lake Como Italy.  Email 3rd Dec 12
Hi Iain,  I had a quick sailing session yesterday evening,  I tend to fall in a lot as I do (attempt) a lot of freestyle. The tubes do not get in the way even when doing freestyle (well I’m limited to Vulcans and spocks …). I had zero problems with my hands  – about 7C with wind chill 4C. I’m comparing your suit to my top of the range pryde series 5000 which  I love but doesn’t keep my hands warm.


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